Rosalie and Shar - A Rainy, Racey, Romance.

It was raining - it was overcast, but the moods were buzzing. There was a tingle in the air and shooting these guys was a thrill! I love wet weddings - gasp(!) I hear every one say. But, apart for being supposedly auspicious and a good omen, photographically it can be quite exciting. You do things and shoot in a way that you would not normally do. Brides... umbrellas work! Splash about a bit, have some fun. Rosalie "worked it" like a real pro model and we took advantage of that. The guys did a great job too whilst the bridesmaids spent a while being sick (hangover or bugs? Jury's still out!).

We took a trip around the streets of Wellington before the ceremony with just the girls, and explored the delights of the underground car park at the TSB arena. Then off to the venue at  Trentham Race Course  One of my favourite places for photos.

Top Tips
Plan for a wet day as well as for dry. Get some umbrellas - big ones. Single colour works best. especially red, black, grey or white.

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