Paradise in Palmerston with Caroline and Dan

Caroline and Dan - a wedding with style and sophistication. I loved shooting this wedding because of the relaxed and elegant theme. Orlando Country in Marton, just outside Palmerston North, is a beautiful setting for photographs. Catch it on a good clear day and the clifftop views are sweeping. There was a bit of haze for this shoot but the surrounding water features and old barns lent itself well to the general ambiance.

After the celebrations, Caroline and Dan sped off on their Honeymoon in a funky old orange MG sports car. I can see how Caroline could pull off Thelma, but not sure abouts Dan's "Louise" - time may tell!

Shooting Tip - Old barns are a great opportunity for backdrops. You don't have to get the whole barn in the frame for a strong composition. Less is sometimes more...