Kelly and James Barmy Palmy Army wedding

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Parade grounds, artillery guns and large quantities of Tui were some of the ingredients to Kelly and James’s wedding. Military Barracks can be a great source of photographic opportunity - and not just talking about state secrets? No sir, just humble bridges, giant slabs of empty Tarmac and engineering discards lying around just waiting for a bride with a veil, a slight breeze and a photographer.


We had a great time shooting for this weeding, the bride (Kelly) was stunning and really worked the camera, and the groom (James) was, lets say – typically macho.


Kelly had a great idea using a large Veil type sheet of material and we used this to capture some neat spiralling on an unused bridge with the light behind her. Then we traipsed off to Massy where a brief stroll through some bush delivered us to another bridge and a stream where we took some more veil shots.


The reception saw some interesting dance moves from the girls who owned the dance floor and we spared no effort in trying to capture some of the more embarrassing “moves”. Andrew, my assistant fell flat on his face earlier in the day and was the butt of everyone’s jokes throughout the remainder of the evening, which I openly encouraged – sorry Andrew.


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Photography tip – Don’t underestimate the value and effect of a gold reflector. Yes they are cumbersome (especially a big one), yes they are a pain to fold up and put away and yes they take a bit of time to use and get right. But once mastered you can not easily replicate the effect by any other means. They warm the subject with soft appealing light and add a “fashion” quality to the image. Ensure you have an assistant or a willing volunteer to help hold it correctly. Beware of high winds!!!