Rhonda and Greg - Simple and Traditional

Rhonda got married in her mothers wedding dress from 46 years earlier. Elegant, simple and full of emotional bonds and significance is one way one would describe this wedding . Greg insisted on going down to Petone foreshore to the spot where the question was popped - so of course, off we went.  Had some fun on the beach, the happy couple got wolf-whistled by appreciating picnickers and Greg carried Rhonda off, in a fit of romantic bravado, into the surf - well... ripples and only ankle deep - be careful of the dress was the cry!

The reception was held at the ever-popular Gear Homestead and we took advantage of the beautiful falling light against the building and around the grounds. DJ Cole entertained the guests with his "DJ ing" into the wee hours. I have heard that Greg whisked Rhonda off to some Island retreat for their honeymoon very early the next morning. Shame they did not want me along to "capture" the tropical feel.

We were lucky enough to have another assistant Rachael, work along side us for this wedding, she did a great job! Thanks Racheal.

Usefull links:
Gear Homestead  
DJ Cole www.djcole.co.nznz.co.gearhomestead.www

Wedding Planning Tip - for outside ceremonies, try and hold the formal part in the shade, this will help you (if your the bride or groom)  keep cool and unflustered and also helps  prevent squinting. It will help with the photographs too!

Photography Tips: Invest in a hand held foldaway reflector and take this with you on every shoot. You can use it as a diffuser by holding it in front of the harsh sunlight to shade the subject resulting in less contrasty, softer light.

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