Blue Skies, Bright Smiles - Caroline and Steve's laid back Hutt Valley wedding

“There is good news and bad news”… this is what I say to every client when we first set out on our photographic journey together. The bad news is, like for any model it takes a bit of work to pull off great photos. The good news, I tell them, is that if they have fun, work with the camera and enjoy the moment, great photos are practically guaranteed! Providing I have done my part right!


Caroline and Steve did their bit and did it well. Caroline told me that she hated having her photo taken and the process would be very hard for her. Well… they were both fantastic, they worked with me; had fun, laughed a lot and tried different things. The end result was great. It is infinitely easier to take photos of couples when they are enjoying themselves.


The happy couple got married at St James Church in Lower Hutt (I covered her Sister’s wedding here a year or so previously)

Sasha, Caroline’s beloved golden retriever, was the ring bearer and Minister Peter Benge headed the ceremony.


Deep blue penetrating sky and a light breeze welcomed us at Petone Wharf where we played around on the picturesque Wellington Icon. We got the drivers to throw up some petals that caught in the wind, the red contrasting against the blue looked stunning in the frozen moment.


Wallaceville House in Upper Hutt was where they held the reception and by the time we all arrived it was getting dark – just enough time to grab a couple of shots of the bride and groom in front of the car being lit by the light of classic car head lights.


Later, Richard Perry, the DJ, got everyone up, arms in the air to YMCA and ABBA and just about every other dance-along wedding party music available, well into the night. There were plenty of photo moments there to embarrass people later with.


Thanks to my assistants Andrew and newcomer assistant Rachael who put every ounce of energy they had into this wedding and a big clap goes to The Bride and Groom for their part – I know it was hard for them.


Useful inks:

Wedding Tips:

Petals by the bag maybe a bit pricy for table decorations but they look fantastic – remember to save some for the formal photos

Photography tips:

Shoot from a low angle can help isolate your subject from a cluttered background, just keep an eye out for double chins!
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