March wrap up

I have just had a weekend off!
We are now coming closer to the end of another fantastic wedding season - and, I have enjoyed every moment. End of year financial books to do now, still a lot of weddings to go over the next few weeks and a heap of portraits to do in conjunction with my other business, Duo Photography. Andrew my assistant is taking stock of all his learning and is busy scribbling notes and grabbing every photo mag he can get his hands on, whilst I am out every other night seeing clients for next year's weddings - it never stops!

We are also getting ready for the Wellington Bridal show, check out I will be there with my partner Nicky, so if your around, feel free to come and say Hi.


 The 2009 Wellington Wedding Show
The Overseas Terminal, Chaffers Marina
May 2, 5.30pm-8.30pm | May 3rd, 10.30am-3.30pm | $15 Admission