Way out of the Way – Wairarapa Wedding

If you want to get away from it all for your wedding then follow the lead of Hayley and Nick. These guys took the long road to Gladstone which in terms of remoteness exemplifies the very meaning. Thousands of miles outside the sleepy town of Martinborough sits a very quaint, very isolated, Gladstone Church.

Nestled amongst golden falling leaves of a Wairarapa autumn, this beautiful little church beckons brides from afar into it’s picturesque arms and spits them out the other end, happily Married!

After a “cosy” ceremony we took off, into the hills and lanes of this rambling country, the sun was shining, but with a slight edge to the breeze.  It did not deter any of us.

Autumn; outdoors, natural, were all words that resonated with Haley and Nick and we set off to capture the essence of this. In my mind, I had visions of fluttering leaves and sweeping lanes in the country. But the leaves were wet! They would not fly or flutter. We did find a spooky abandoned house however, and we had a lot of fun in and around that.

The reception was held in an old favourite of mine, Murdoch James Estate, not too far from Martinborough. DJ, Richard Perry looked after the music for the evening, we did our usual slideshow for the guests and everyone ate lots of Lollies that were in ornate bowls on the bar. Snakes Alive! Great touch!

What I like about Friday weddings is that everyone has the weekend to recover – well the guests anyway – not us, we had the Wellington Wedding show to do! Thanks Haley and Nick, and a big thanks goes out to your mad fun loving family and friends… it was awesome!

Useful links:
www.aylstone.co.nz (a great place for hair n makeup!)

www.wairarapanz.com/?q=node/31#cart  (Gladstone Church and then some)

www.murdochjames.co.nz  (great for weddings and receptions and wine and food and...)

www.soundwavemusic.co.nz(a DJ for music and mayhem!)

www.aristocrat.net.nz (for fancy flash cars)

Wedding tips:
Sparklers or glow sticks add a certain thrill and colour to a wedding reception.

Photographer tips:
Look out for the ugly! Abandoned buildings may brring down the neighbours property value but they are such great fun to play around with, especialy with a beuatiful bride and a flowing dress! Go low and wide to add drama.

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