No posed wagon wheel photos here! Kellie & Chris wedding day

As always, part of our wedding photography philosophy is relevance. Don’t like wagon wheel props or shady glade backdrops unless Wagoneering or shady glading was part of our clients “life story”.

 I suppose being a doco shooter has bought this out in me. When I look at some cliché photos I say to myself, what’s the point? What is the relevance or story here?

 Same thought process went into Kellie and Chris’s wedding. The bridal photos were taken in Days Bay, Eastbourne. Why?

I asked them; “how would you like to remember your youthful summers together, twenty years from now?” Their reply was one of reminiscing their times spent in Day’s Bay.

They are a fun loving energetic couple so we had energetic, fun loving fun in Day’s Bay! That was their story, that is how we photographed their wedding.


Top Wedding tips

Bring shawls for the bridesmaids to nestle behind during Wellington’s windy moments!

Useful links (great idea for fun memories and entertainment at your reception) (reception venue) (Catholic church Lower Hutt)