A warm Wairarapa wedding - Anna and Blair 2010

If you want - sun, if you want a break from the norm, if you want to add your own touch to your wedding, then there is nothing like getting over to the Wairarapa to celebrate your day. This is what these two amazing people did and what a day it was!

I would describe Anna and Blair as a unique, spontaneous Kiwi couple who like to be a bit different. We photographed this wedding with the aim of bringing a modern traditional feel to their photos whilst keeping the emotions in the wedding photographs light, playful and true to the day and, as always, true to them.

Check out LLandaff, a beautiful homestead nestled in the back roads of Masterton -
Top tip - be prepared on homesteads for the potential cries from the local livestock, can add to the atmosphere... sheep bleating in response is particularly hilarious during the ceremony!

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