Christina & Johnathan - a New Zealand Wedding

One timeless aspect of being a professional wedding photographer I am reminded of frequently is the importance of our craft to some families. Especially if the families or friend ties are separated by a gulf of distance and get-togethers are few and far between.

This was the case for Christina. All her family live in the US and being in New Zealand drives a huge sense of separation. Naturally their "big day" meant a lot of reconnection.

Just like most couples they felt uncomfortable in front of the camera, so our job was bring out the best in them whilst keeping it relaxed and relevant to their story.
Wallaceville Church was home to the ceremony and the beautiful Seagulls played party host for their reception. In a break of tradition Christina and Johnno decided to steer away from typical bands/dj/dancing etc and put on a trivia quiz instead, this kept the guest talking and laughing together and at worked well!

 Top Tips

Try popsicles for the guests after the ceremony. It adds a refreshing touch, especially on a hot day. Keep away from dangerous dress destroying intense colours!

 Useful Links (Beautiful petit church from 1890's) (Exclusive Venue overlooking Pauatahanui inlet) (Makeup and hair artists)