An amazing time trashing wedding dresses in Wellington


The water was freezing! I had the icy Wellington water right up to my knees at one point! And no-one cared. Alas poor me. But Jade, well she was another matter.

I asked her to jump in, she did. I asked her to dive under, she did. I asked her to rub slimy wet seaweed all over herself... she did. And, she did this whilst wearing a wedding gown worth thousands of Dollars, and not one, but two!!! Good on her.

Yes, we had a great time in case you were asking, destroying her gowns in the true spirit of "trash the dress" a trend that is currently emerging in NZ bridal culture. We even raised a crowd of onlookers at the boat shed lagoon near Frank kits park yesterday. Off to the rocky coastline of Moa point and slimy seaweed to wrap up a chilly, but hilarious day. Check out Jade's gowns any wannabe brides out there. They ar unique and very special, just like here maker!
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