Dan and Alicia; Windy, Wet and Wow Wedding in Wharerata - the highlights.


The ceremony got rained out - had to be done indoors, the wind punished the veil and drenched the hair, the trees howled, the roads and paths splattered... but the smiles and romance kept coming! Happy times. Wharerata function center in Palmerston North played its tune well to the guys as they tied the knot in a warm cosey wood beamed room inside.

The grounds then beckoned the couple and their gang of turquoise umbrellas and bridal entourage, and we soon set off on a cool photo/walk-about/picnic shoot. I love the  Massey grounds. There are so many opportunities to shoot original photos. Alicia and Dan did not hold back and had some great fun chilling out on our way round.

useful links
www.charsbeauty4u.co (make up)
www.wharerata.co.nz (function center)

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