Julia and Johnny's wedding


They just wanted to laugh, and they did. They just wanted to have a good time, and they did that, absolutely. They wanted to have a celebration, a "production" with all their friends and family, and they did just that. Holding these guys back from being wild was our challenge, so we didn't. Cadillacs pumping up and down on hydraulic suspensions whilst pimping it down in Island Bay was just part of the excitement of the day. The bridal formals were shot before the ceremony at Old St Paul's, a strategy I would not normally recommend to the stressed and anxious sort, and these guys were'nt. It also allows you to have a late service if that is a concern.

The Pines in Island Bay hosted the party/gig/rave/fest, with the sun kissing the evening horizon in a way that only the Pines can boast about.
As usual it was a big day for us. I should not have eaten 4 chocolate e'claires just before midnight, and I certainly should have stopped at the gourgous apple crumble and ice cream!Thanks Julia, Johnny and the rest of the gang for such a cool and enjoyable time. See below for a few (unfinished) photo highlights.

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The Pines
50 The Esplanade
Houghton Bay, Wellington 6023
(04) 387 9853

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