Escalation issue - Macs Vs Pcs for photographers

The problem is escalation of commitment. In the early nineties, when working in the Middle East in newspaper world, I used a Mac. My old friend David Perez showed me the ropes and we put together all the graphic components of the paper through it. Back then they were wildly expensive. Not so now. Why have I let go with both hands of this heritage and travelled the route of the PC?

You see, PC's in my opinion are just not up to the task of managing work flow as fluidly as a Mac. Fact? Pc's crash, they do random stuff that really annoy me and they pick up bugs like my hypochondriac Aunt!

The problem is this... a number of years ago, I invested in a PC in my first  studio in New Zealand because of the short-term gain embedded within the price. because I bought one, I needed another eventually to talk to it and I  used software under licence for both of them. Then my escalation really started and I bought another.  And then again. My whole studio now is built around them and I can honestly say I now pay back that short-term gain ten fold each week in downtime due to poxy computer issues. I pay wages to staff whilst they are rebooting for the umpteenth time (not the staff - the PC's!)

Some of the special software I have grown dependant upon has also caused me to stay with PC.

It is going to cost me to convert. How much not to, I hear all the business coaches asking?(me amoungst them). I know I have to bite the bullet and I will. I am only a decision away, one station at a time I say. I know I am moaning and I should just get real - my fault in the first place, but it's my blog and I am bleating as loud as I like because I can!