Abbie and James - a flag in the sand - a wedding to celebrate

Joy, laughter and a celebration of two people coming together. Abbie and James built their wedding around what they stood for and what they believe in - a day, I am sure they will both remember for ever.
They both enjoy a medical background; James being a doctor in the emergency department at Wellington Hospital and Abbie being a nurse in Neo-Natal. So, in our tradition of  sticking to relevance in our photography we had to hijack an ambulance and then we spent time traipsing around their home suburb of Newtown dancing with the buskers. Ceremony was held in Old St Paul's and their reception at the Boatshed. Both these places marked the official aspect of the day and planted their "flag in the sand".

We had a lot of fun in Newtown and the shoot reinforced to me the importance of originality and relevance to the "story" that we are trying to tell. Every wedding is different because every couple is different.

A heart warming thanks goes to Abbie and James and their gallant wedding party for making their day, theirs!

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