Te-Aroha and Sam's wedding – fun, friends, family and fairytales

Being Lawyers, these guys wanted their formal bridal photos at the Law school and Parliament building in Wellington. Both these locations are superb for architecture and they lend an air of sophistication to any wedding. However it is still all about the people. It is very easy to get caught up in making big epic monumental dramatic photos from great locations but  most clients I have asked want more of the photos that matter, and those are the ones with the people in it! Ones that show their friends and family happy.

This wedding honored the memory of Te-Aroha's mother, Te Araki, who passed away in 2009. We put together a slide show of some old family photos for them to play during the reception. A few tears followed.

Te-Aroha and Sam got married in the garden at Sams parents huge house up in Paraparaumu. Blue skies, white marquee's and flowers adorned pergola, setting a perfect scene and the drinks flowed, bubbles flew and children danced and got into hi-jinx.

They had a rustic Pizza wagon tucked away in a leafy corner of the garden that kept the guests fed for the afternoon. Sparklers, fireworks and a beautiful fairyland garden theme of candles and tree lights helped sweep the night into the early hours of the morning. Thank you Te-Aroha and Sam for a great time and for all your accommodation during your day.

Wedding tips

You need to seek permission to have photos taken around the Parliament buildings. Contact the  Speakers Assistant in the Office of the Speaker of the House of Representatives.

Children can be great at weddings but need to be fed and entertained. Simple food with Ketchup keeps them busy for a while and so does a swing and some bubbles!

Cup cakes can make a gorgeous alternative to a traditional wedding cake and is easier to share around.
Sparklers can be a lot of fun at night after the lights have gone down – just make sure you have an adult with you!

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