My low down on exhibiting at wedding shows – 3 hot tips... how to make it work for you.

I love exhibiting at wedding shows, but my word they are hard work! They can cost a lot of money too.  The biggest challenge that face exhibitors is lead generation and conversion. Lets face it, it is very easy to spend thousands of your hard-earned profit on fancy large stands in prime locations at prime shows, but that is not the essential criteria for success although it sure helps. Over the years and after working many shows I have distilled effectiveness down to three key success factors for exhibiting at a show.

1. Stand out. Be different but speak to your market. It is simply too average to have a stand like everyone else. e.g. If you sell cakes and the average stand has a handful of their best cakes on display that mustn't be touched, then have a stand FULL of tempting cakes that people are also digging into!

2. Engage. Reactive or proactive? I have seen many good books being read at trade shows! Why not put the book down and engage prospects as they saunter near? It's not about being "pushy" or about a "hard sell" but it is about being interested! Remember prospects at shows have given you permission to speak with them via their entry ticket!

3. Find an excuse or reason to follow-up. Competition entry forms is an old favourite, but there are many more strategies, what's yours? It would be wonderful if people kept their promises and come back to you or called you within the week, but the reality is not like that. People are too busy, they procrastinate, they forget; If you don't follow-up on the hot lead you had, who will? It may be your competition!

And an extra one...

Have fun! You are your brand.  At a trade show, you are on show. For weddings for example, a lot of the business made is founded on the relationship, therefore it pays to be warm and inviting rather than tired and achy!

We are having fun, being proactive on our mad stand today at the Wellington Wedding show... come and see us!