Cancelled flights and drenching downpours fail to stop glorious wedding

We left Wellington Airport to travel south to photograph Scott and Danielle’s wedding early Friday morning in December. Bound for Blenheim we ended up in Nelson, our luggage, camera equipment and essential nick-nacks lagging behind trapped in some baggage nightmare in Wellington.

The rain sapped at our enthusiasm, but our spirits battled on heading south on a torturous bumpy taxi ride to Blenheim. We were not the only ones to be inflicted with this random New Zealand weather, several members of the guest list were also bound up in Nelson and this hampered the ceremony time which then was delayed two hours.

But... we finally got our gear from the diligent Air New Zealand staff, the weather lightened up and it was on with the show!  Old St Mary’s Convent bloomed in full lavender and the church sprung out from the scent-laden grounds. Tears, laughter and good old Southern hospitality nurtured the day slowly onward and into the night.

It’s funny how a day can start so tenuously and yet end up so perfect and seamless. Of course this depends on the mindset of the people involved and Scott and Danielle had a vision and attitude to their wedding that was simply inspirational.

Top wedding tips
Dont panic! Things go wrong - people get stranded, timings can be stressed. Think little of these problems. Remain present and allow your perspective to see your wedding as a celebration for what it is and not a task list with non-negotiable deadlines.

Photographers: We always pack and carry our actual cameras and everything we need to shoot the essentials with us and separate from the checked-in luggage. That way you minimise the risk and can at least start shooting without delay.


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