A Big Do...



It's always a challenge for wedding photographers when the guest list is 300+ and Rosie and John's wedding was no different. A bridal party of 14 and one very large extended family made up this very busy wedding celebration.

Sacred Heart Cathedral in Wellington was home to the ceremony, followed by a romp around Parliament buildings for the bridal photos and then off to the Horticultural hall in Lower Hutt for the reception.

The weather was a bit touch and go, but it held out for us. So in the end it was a great day with lots of laughter, fun and reunions.

Weddings tips

Be mindful of employing friends or family members to photograph your wedding officially. We were hired up to the start of the reception only, with a good friend of the bride and groom shooting the evening for them. Unfortunately the friend had issues with flat batteries on her camera and could not continue. We were asked to stay on by a disappointed bride, but unfortunately due to other commitments, we could not. You only get one shot at a wedding day and a pro photographer is prepared, backed up and ready for any eventuality.

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