Beautiful bride gets battering by the wind at Boomrock

I always advise the bride and groom before their wedding to not stress or fight Wellingtons windy conditions... you sort of have to go with it!

You see, that’s Wellington and to deprive wellington of its true nature is really hiding something from the story.

Boom rock, a coastal highpoint, hugging the hillside 250 feet up from the beautiful New Zealand rocky shoreline is no stranger to the regions windy rants and this is where Melissa and Jody got married - at least it wasn’t raining!

Despite the weather, the venue had a clear outlook and we had a lot of fun scampering over the grassy hills photographing the bridal party. The wind offered us some interesting photos.

Melissa had hand crafted a couple of hundred pom poms that were thrown in the sky as the couple celebrated their recession. No doubt a few got caught in the currents and are now on their way to Antarctica.

The hospitality of Boomrock was exceptional- second to none!

They really went out of their way to make sure everyone was well catered for and responsibly looked after, even the overly inebriated.

Our slideshow (we usually do a 12 minute slideshow just before the first dance of some photos we have taken during the day) went down a treat, as it usually does, especially to the drunk and emotional; Lots of whistles and oohs and aaahs!

Wedding tips

  • Think of interesting ways to make your recessional (where you walk down the aisle after getting married) different.
  • Designing your own stationary can make it more personal and means you can have it exactly as you envisioned.

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