A sweet Irish dream

You couldn’t get further away from Dublin if you tried. It’s hard to imagine how two people could come together, want to be together and stay together with such a gulf between them but I suppose it just goes to show what a wonderfully powerful thing love is.

Quietly resting amongst the rolling green, kiwi countryside lies Wallingford Station. A breathtaking riot of wood paneling, ornate fireplaces, grand pianos and lavish dining rooms which has been in the brides family for generations.  It even boasts a quaint church as its neighbour. This is where our lovestruck couple shared their vows.

The sense of family and friendship at this wedding was very powerful. There were tears, there was laughter, there were hugs, there was play - all under a beautiful bright blue sky with white puffy clouds in central Hawkes Bay.

We didn’t go far for the bridal formals as the grounds of Wallingford offered so much in both beauty and relevance. The reception was held in the garden under leafy trees and the first dance was around a stunning designer swimming pool. Even Michael Flatley would have been jealous at the jigs that were offered up by the side of the pool as the sun was going down.

 Top tips

Children or no children? On the one hand children can be very unpredictable, you never know what they are going to do during that crucial moment during the ceremony. But on the other hand they add personality, charm and emotions to a wedding. A wedding without children often feels somewhat incomplete.

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