Whitemans hill-top wedding

Tucked away in the farthest reaches of Whitemans Valley rests the home of Tara and Stefan.

In fact you couldn’t get further down the end of Whitemans Valley if you tried - and what a beautiful piece of land for a stunning wedding venue. Backing onto their house is a large grassy hill - it was on top of this that the ceremony took place. Family and friends were ferried up by four-wheel drive, where they then rested their tushes on haystacks serving as pews for a makeshift outdoor church.

Friends from far and wide cheered the happy couple down the aisle and they didn’t stop until very late into the evening dancing the night away at the Short Straw Cafe.

I've got to say, we loved the back-drop - it felt like a scene from Heidi, in fact I was half expecting Julie Andrews to step out on the crest and start singing.

Top tips:
Think creatively about locations for ceremonies, why not get married at home especially if you have a nice bit of land in which to host it.



-Short Straw Cafe

-Rebecca Connor make-up