“Rockin it” in Houghton bay - Lisa and Matt Wedding


Move over ACDC, there are some new kids in town; well in Island Bay anyway!

Matt, Lisa and the gang ditched their bouquet’s and took up their fret boards and drum sticks to rock it out large style on Lyall Bay beach and if you screwed your eyes up tight enough and watched it all through some quirky angle and perspective there would be a distant possibility you could mistake them out for Nirvana or ACDC or Lady Gaga or even The Kings of Leon. But don’t count on it. Lets say it was a “work in progress” sort of band!

The Wedding ceremony itself was at The Pines and was pinned to a beautiful sunlit backdrop, crashing waves and flax covered hills.  The great thing about The Pines as a wedding venue is that it is all self contained. You can have your ceremony and reception there, its fully catered so just get your own DJ or band and stomp the night away.

We have to say a big thanks to Matt and Lisa, Steph, Kim, Mark and Acky for allowing us to have such a great time.

Top tips:

-Paint the guests names on a natural river stone. This is cost effective and highly personalized and an aesthetic treat for all the quests.

Useful Links:

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