Allanah and Steven's wedding and the great outdoors

On the drive up on the Saturday morning we all talked about the fun of getting out of town and getting out and about. Allanah and Steves wedding in Palmerston North was a great excuse to leave wellington and hit the road again.

A school teacher and a financial advisor, hunting, fishing and a love of the great outdoors was their story.

A typical question I ask our clients before the wedding day is this: 20 years from now how would you like to remember this period of your lives in this place you call home? Often this sparks a lot of amazing and interesting visions and ideas.

This is why the cliffs on the river bank was just such an amazing spot; a favourite place of theirs, to shoot some of their formal photos. I mean the grounds at Wharerata, are beautiful, stunning and a perfect setting for wedding photographs but what’s the relevance we asked?

We took a few sure, the real story was in the big open space, what do you think?

Top tips:
-Make sure you start your hair and makeup early, you want your bridal party ready a good half an hour/ 3/4 of an hour for photos before you’re due to leave to go to the venue.

Photos of the girls and the guys taken separately before the ceremony if done in  a lighthearted way are a great ice breaker and can set the scene for more relaxed photos later.