Sun goes down over Boomrock, Gemma and Jons’ wedding

An Easter egg hunt, some shot guns and a bit of rally driving all added spice to Gemma and Jons wedding in April 2011 on Wellingtons West Coast, at Boomrock.

Even the notorious Wellington weather donned a coat of quiet temperament to usher in this celebration.  A setting sun encouraged some romance, and a perfect backdrop for some photos.

Thanks Duncan for your wheel-spinning mayhem, thanks Michelle and Olivia for your endless laughter, thanks Shane for your guest wrangling and thanks Gemma and Jon for your warm hospitality and sense of adventure, love your car, keep it always.

Top tips:
-Why not use your own car in some of your car wedding photos? Whatever happened to the just married slogan in shaving foam on the back? Bring back some fun, old school traditions I say!

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