Chantal and Saul – Ohariu Farm Wedding

It started with a round of golf and ended with many rounds of drinks and everything in between was perfect.

Chantal and Saul’s wedding was a wonderful celebration of two people coming together and they really were into each other.

After the ceremony at Ohariu Farm just north of Wellington, we stopped off briefly  for some photos outside their home and why not?! It is their very first home together, they are proud of it, love it! 20 years from now they will remember it, hence the reason for some photos to reflect it.

 Petone Foreshore saw us frolicking with the bridal party over pizza on the beach.

It was a bit cold but a lot of fun.

Thanks Chantal and Saul for inviting us to play a role, big thumbs up goes to Livy, Rachael, Ceiran, Brad and Riley for making it all so enjoyable.