Nathan and Bridgette’s Wedding at Southwards


Last year Nathan scored three perfect games in tournament 10 pin bowling, and a whole heap of publicity and recognition followed.

Of course, as documentary wedding photographers we jumped on this. We suggested we encompass the sport and utilize it as a backdrop for some of the bridal formals. Having never photographed 10 pin bowling before and it was a real challenge, difficult light, complicated focusing and very awkward positioning all got in the way.
Still, I felt we achieved our goals and this resulted in some very cool personalized wedding photos for Nathan and Bridgette.
The ceremony was held at Southwards Car Museum, North of Paraparaumu, down near the lake,  the celebrant ensuring maximum emotional effect… crying, crying and more crying.
The jaunt down to the beach rounded off the afternoon followed by an emotionally charged reception that set the tone for the rest of the evening. Big hugs and thanks to Bridgette and Nathan for allowing us to play freely and high fives to Dave, Aaron, Sharron and Renee.

P.s. one more big thank you to the staff of Southwards for feeding us the most amazing food!

Top tips:
-Sand ceremonies. Add more further meaning to wedding ceremony by personalizing, a sand ceremony can add a beautiful touch. The couple takes it in turns to add sand to a jar after each verse of text is read symbolizing a promise in union and of coming together.