Our trip to the Loire Valley, France. Off to Marion & Willie's wedding

I am no stranger to travelling. I have been on many long haul flights across the globe but it has been a while since I have made one this long. 33 hours is a fairly lengthy mission for any traveller.

We were off to France to shoot Marion and Willie's wedding! Myself and Andrew anyway. Top tip… have everything you need in the smallest bag possible at your feet on a plane. I knew this but ignored it. I had a big laptop bag and still had most of the little things like headphones, headache tablets etc in my carry on luggage in the overhead. Hard work when you’re in a window seat.

Also, Melatonin works wonders for sleeping and combating jet lag.

We got to Paris at 6am and immediately jumped into our hire car and headed off to the Loire Valley. We got lost, of coarse with our failure to take the advice of our GPS in the car. Male thing I guess. Probably did not help either as I chose to avoid toll roads in a streak of stubborn tightness, so a trip of three hours took us seven. Still we saw a lot of the French countryside.

We arrived at our hosts’  Richard and Chantal's 17th century x-windmill stone home in the evening enjoying good old French hospitality. Chin chin, let the festivities begin!

Here I am lost already! must have been Jet Lag.

This is where we are staying. Our hosts, Chantal and Richard own this wonderful old Millers home built in 1700 exactly. In one of the outhouse lies the remains of the original windmill itself, now just the base.

Andrew enjoying some wine and intellectual conversation. way above my head, I off with the camera.