A Wedding Festival in France. A Photographer’s Dream Wedding. Marion and Willy

It was a photographer’s dream. This wedding literally had it all; castles, boats, a small French provincial village with its mayor, a French accordionist, a jazz swing quartet, a banquet hall, a thousand colourful balloons, a beautiful bride and handsom groom and warm laughter filling day.

We are doing more and more international weddings and I love them. You get to meet all sorts of interesting people and become immersed in the vibrancy of different cultures. This wedding for Marion and Willy was one of them.

They held their ceremony in the French town St Martin de la Place, a picturesque quiet little village on the banks of the Loire river. The local Mayor presided over the ceremony in the leafy garden of the Town hall amidst friends and family from all over the world. There was a 30 strong contingency of kiwis too!

After the formalities, the music in the shape of a characteristic accordionist, serenaded the bride and groom and their colourful guests down to the sun drenched riverbank for cocktails. A romantic boat trip up and down the river soon followed.

But of course it did not stop there. A reception for Kings and Queens was held in the grounds of Château Brézé a medieval castle dating from 1063. We quickly took a round of some very informal bridal photos before the official reception started.

All 150 guests were seated in the banquet hall and were entertained by jazz swing music, courses after courses of fine cuisine and close friends and family sharing their own special musical talent. Their first dance finally arrived at midnight, the couple energetically throwing themselves around the dance floor to a well rehearsed choreographed number.

Chinese lanterns slowly rising over the castle in a peaceful golden glow capped the festivities and we limped tiredly away after taking six thousand photos at 3am.

Well, I think I am going to remember this wedding. Thanks Marion and Willy for giving us the honour.