Elegant, Fun and Whimsical... Lynn & Kent

This is the first wedding we have photographed at St Jerards' Monastery in Wellington. A massive imposing structure overlooking Wellington Harbour in New Zealand. It was gorgeous.

Lynn & Kent took a lot of care adding their personal touches to their wedding in a strategy to make it their own whilst still linking the occasion to a sense of tradition, hence the monastery. But then a photo-shoot with a chaise longue down a back ally, some graffiti and a couple of Rolls Royce's added a whimsical feel. All was then wrapped up in the amazing Foxglove waterfront venue... Superb!

Love this image below of Lynns' parents seeing her for the first time in her dress. Always a special moment if you can catch it.

This shot below was taken behind Courtney Place at the rear of an old carpark. I have used this space before, but never with an antique chaise longue and a bridal party. Came out well I think!

Watch the short video clip below to see more images