Fun on a Bus in the Sun - Sonia and Adrian, a Kapiti Coast Wedding

One of the worst conditions for wedding photographers; blue skies and a big hot Sun. Hard light and

deep shadows play havoc with our exposures and serious flash fill is needed. On the plus side, these conditions offer superb warm colours and vibrant contrasts. Gotto love it!

Southward car Museum, a popular wedding venue in Paraparaumu played host to the ceremony next to their picturesque lake. Many tears later the bridal party tumbled laughing into a bright red London bus and took a trip to the beach where food, drinks and Singstar reigned supreme.

Top Tip
A wedding venue may have great looking wedding photography locations to tempt you, but you do not have to utlilise it. A short trip outside the venue grounds may offer something more personal and relevant to your story. And try getting there in something funky!

A big thanks to the amazing Bridal party: Rachael, Samantha, Logan, Stephen, Jorden and Josh. To the Parents; Janine & Walter, Jan & Selwyn and a big warm thanks to Sonia and Adrian for being fun, warm and hospitable clients.