Our Style?

natural Documentary wedding photography

Well first off, we are not for everyone. We are not typical wedding photographers, we’re different...

So SO pleased with all of the photos, they captured the feel of the day really well, and can invoke all the memories straight away
— Kelly and Daniel

Original, Real, Natural, Spontaneous, Punchy, Personal and Alive

The way you capture people in photos - I think you guys seem to be in different league, you offer something different!
— Gemma Goodwin-Gething

Look closely at our work and you will tell. Each wedding is shot from the viewpoint of capturing guests naturally. Spontaneously laughing and crying and not posed stiffly. We are simply a tool to show you what you want to remember.

Each wedding is shot with relevance. What’s your story? It’s your wedding story, not anyone else. Our job is to capture that; original to you. Not cut and paste poses from someone else wedding album.

Every one of our photos is punchy and real; meaningful to you and not overly “Photoshopped” to impress an awards judge for our benefit.

We believe that photos on the day should be part of the day and not a hindrance or chore. The experience has to match the celebration. Our aim is that photography should add to the day and not subtract from it.

Client centric. We understand our place and the privilege and the responsibility we have.

Experience. We know weddings. All sorts of them. We know how they run and what to expect. We also know people. We understand the dislike many have of having photos taken. We help with that.

Team. Our documentary style is very hard to shoot well with one photographer. That’s why we shoot with three. It also reduces risk and selfishly makes it more fun for us.

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