How do we do what we do and why should you care?

Super long lenses and a bucket load of experience

We know how weddings work, we also know how people respond to the camera. With us, most of your guests will not know they have been photographed (most of the time!). The smiles, the happy tears and the laughter are captured naturally as the day unfolds in a way that only a professional photographer can. This delivers heart warming, spontaneous, natural photographs. The best wedding photographers know this.

A documentary style – cliches? Not so much

Every wedding we shoot is different. Each one has a different story,  because every client we have is different. The formalities may be similar as well as some of the venues, BUT the people are different.
That adoring look from Mum, a tear in Dad's eye, a blushing speech from the best man and a huge hug with your best friend from overseas. These are moments that matter. Of course you still need all the posed "formal" shots and the arty-moody-staged-stuff, but it's these captured moments that will stir your memories the most.

My team and I are very focused on bringing the original story of our clients into our photographs. We also make sure that locations are either relevant, unique or both! Wow locations are easier than you might think and it has a lot to do with each client and everything to do with how we discover it.

Likeable, loveable photographers – a stress-free road trip

I believe one of the key skills of the best wedding photographers is an ability to "get along with" and engage people in a trusting and friendly way. I guess that's what makes us... us!  We are passionate about weddings and we love what we do. Because of this, your experience of having photos taken will be easy, personal, and fun. We also help and work with you regarding planning your timings for the day, to reduce any “rushing” and panic.

Simple packages, but so much more…

We have made our packages simple. Our style + time + a few widgets equate to our price. But it doesn’t stop there. I believe in giving more value than is being paid for. Period. Ask anyone who has used us!

State of the art gadgets and gizmos

Whilst we draw experience from the past, we live in the present and embrace the future. Fully equipped with the best and latest digital equipment and computer wizardry we guarantee safety and security of your precious files. DON’T PANIC!

Video? Oh yes! But not what you think…

If you want to watch moving imagry of your big day then talk to us about our amazing Videography. LemonTree Films will catch you between the eyes with an emotional cinimatic journey. Wedding videos you will actually watch!

Photo coaching session – work it baby!

Yes, work it! But we teach you how to. More to the point, this FREE session builds more of a relationship between myself and my clients before the big day is upon us.

Something for the guests?

A hugely popular treat for the guests is one of our famous slideshows. Lights go down and the show begins around 9pm showcasing some of the images taken of the happy couple during the day. Also one or two of Uncle Bernard picking his nose during the ceremony! Gets the crowd uplifted after eating heavy food, and ready for dancing.

Our straight talk guarantee

If you’re not happy with your photos then you don’t pay! You won’t get any photos, but you also won’t pay a thing! So, we both lose out! Be sure to be happy with our style because that’s what you’re going to get. We would rather not be your photographers if you’re wanting mainly formal photographs.

French wedding Loire Valley

French wedding Loire Valley

Wairarapa Wedding Brackenridge

Courtney Place Wellington Wedding

Denarau Island Fiji Wedding Sofitel Resort